To the Rocky Mountain Trench


We managed to get the 8:10 ferry inspite of having been held up at the bluffs where repaving preparations made for alternating trafic. The 8:10 crossing departs a bit late and travels slowly as there is a goodly layover in Kootenay Bay, one of the skippers said.

Brief stop at Gray Creek Store, then gassing up at Lake View’s and then on to Cranbrook. Checked out the Transport Museum, will take the morning tour tomorrow (1 1/2  hrs). Then to th old Mall, a shambles and onward to the new Tamrock Mall. The paddie has now a SIM and can connect out from amidst the pines of Wasa Lake Provincial Park & Campground.


Meanwhile the North Trail tent is set up, the cooking gear unloaded and someone’s gonna cook. And eat. Me too.


This campground was full througout the summer months, now but few campers and only thre of perhaps a score with tents.

After an early supper we strolled over to Wasa Lake.


SATURDAY outing to the Cranbrook History Center (CHC)

They did a lot and have lots more to do, “we have a 500 year prject” said the tour guide. The CHC received some rail cars about 30 years ago and that was the start of an effort to preserve the grand history of transcontinental train culture. Restorations are carried out by people out of work, then trained on the job and in years of endurance testing work they bring the cars back to former splendour.

CPRail did horrible things to their rolling stock once upon a time crafgted to excusite interiror finishing. Painting over mahogani or black walnut with a hideoius but apparently fashinable pastel mint, drab greys and cheap looking blue upholstery.

It’s a case oif pictures saying more than 1000 words. Here’s a small selection showing the layers of paint, the hiddeous green which covered the mahogany and the tour guy with before and after images.

We toured two compositions, the SOO line from Seattle via Cranbrook-Lethbridge-Medicine Hat to Minneapolis and the Canadian Transcontinental, at one time the fastest connection (shy of 90 hrs) from Montreal to Vancouver.

Some more before and after and the dreadful 50-s look.

In the afternoon we left Cranbrook, headed a bit N of Ft Steel and visited Bummer’s flats but that was, of course not the right time to find birds.


SUNDAY still at Wasa Lake. Might visit some more sites in the area. But first a few more pictures from the Train Museum visit.

This inlay splendour, slop that pastel mint pint on it, a stately dining car, lets modernize …

All of the vehicles in Cranbrooks will be returned to former beauty, except the occasional comparison as seen above.

One of the sleepers with closed upper birth for the day and the lower bed as a sitting compartment. Maybe Emirate Airlines should think about trains.


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