Fort Steele

As it happened we came to visit when the Kootenay Days were underway in Fort Steel. A lot of activity aside of the ususal ones, more horse drawen carriages, the train and then merchants flogging their wares. I guess it’s Shire horses who do the pulling of the various two axelled cars. Might hooves and shaggy forehand.

Regula watched some of the horse show and learned how differently it’s done these days to break in a horse. Far less ‘braking’, much more gentle convincing.

The rain developed along the western Rockies’ slopes but it only began raining heavily after 1pm. Here is a crop of pictures of  the day at the old Fort which wasn’t in use very long and the town which eventually developed grew on the other side of the Kootenay River, Cranbrook.

Of course, the almost empty 99-sites-campground is a bit unhospitable on a cool evening after a drenching. So we went to the Pub which has a nice selection of local brews and a plug for the ‘touris’ who need to charge their ‘devices’.

So, welcome to Ft. Steele

Special attraction to some of us the horse show …

And the train. Used to work for McMillan Bloedell on Vancouver Island hauling logs out of the old growth forests.

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