Across the Rockies into the Prairies

After Sunday’s drenching rain in the afternoon and again some in the night we packed a tent with a wet fly, the rest was dry and so were we but fog for breakfast …not what we had booked. Gulp and go.

Around Canal Flats the air cleared and we stopped on Columbia Lake. In Radium we turned into Kootenay National Park and stopped between Kootenay Crossing and Vermillion Flats some of the valley flanks blighted by a huge forest fire. Grand vistas and clear waters.


Another hour’s drive brought us to Banff – busy, busy, vinyl ands wood clad chalet shopping streets but still Mount Rundle, Vermillion Lakes, Mt Bourgeau – grandezza.

And then we headed out into the Prairies. Made it by sunset to Beiseker, NE of Calgary and about 60km SW of Drumheller. The Tyrell Museum of Paleontology is on todays’ schedule after a frosry night but our bedding suffices to keep us warm.

Fast travelling across the bald assed prairie. So far wemade it thru about a third of the RTMP and frequent currently the cafeteria with wifi and plug-ins 🙂

It’s top notch, the Tyrell [tirell], easily the best Alberta offers in the way of museums. Spectacular displays of spectacular finds and the preparation goes apace, new finds are put on thisplay asap.

Better shown twice than never (there are doubles, have yet to learn editing ropes with this WP blog tool). Sunny outside and all dynos are in the ground save for the odd Hummer and giant B-Train trucks.

Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology, Drumheller, AB



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