And back into the Rockies: Waterton

’twas a long drive down from the Drumheller area thru Vulcan and Lethbridge to Cardston and then into Waterton Lakes Park.

There are some good ol’ grain elevators left. Take Mossleigh for instance. And a train buff out there has all sorts of old CPRail rolling stock.

Nive Rockies vista justr east of Cardston and then splendor entering the park. More of that tomorrow. Drove a lot today.

Wifi steeply priced, cellular connection hesitant, so, not much today. And btw, at this time of year the sun rises twice over the tenting area (blue dot) of Wateron campsite. So, googood momorning.

So, we go laze at the beach and there’s ma bear coaxing cub into the waves.

We climbed the Bear Hump, must be a ‘must’ hereabouts.

Roaming the townsite and the beach offers of course nice enough some views and photo occasions, be it the geology or the wildlife or the colours of fall or a captivating rise of the moon.


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