Last leg, Fernie back to Kaslo

Though it was a vacation trip, it was not like a week in a spa relaxing at the pool side Martini in hand. So, after one week and more than 1500 km of travel , we thought Fernie was just the right place to call it a day.

There was that Snow Valley Motel with a wing of rooms away from the busy Crowsnest Highway and there was the Curry Bowl restaurant (good recommendation by the SVM as they locally go by). Sleeping in a bed, nice prospect. Having a shower or even a bath, great! No propane stove to set up but a curry bowl to dig into, fan-tas-tic! One does look a bit road-weary and the driver needed a beer. The map reader joined happily in (and left me half of her bottle to boot).


Next morning we woke to rain. Oh, well, except for the Sunday afternoon after the visit at Fort Steele, the weather was splendid. No complaints!

So we made it back through Cranbrook to Creston, had lunch at the Buffalo Trail Coffee House (another recommendation) and then headed up the Lake. Not to bore ourselves waiting in Kootenay Bay we stopped at that Glass House in Sanca built of about half a million embalming fluid bottles.

The ferry was full save two or three spots.


And then homeward north from Balfour and,  yes, the deer were there too but grazing inside the neighbours fenced lawn and that was just fine because her harvest was in and for us there was some to get from behind the deer fence!


Great trip! Almost 2000km (we didn’t want to strain Google with all the side trips).


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