Massett Inlet and back to Tlell

Three communities are these days on the southern and eastern shores of Massett Inlet, former McMillan Bloedell company town Juskatla, Port Clements and the large and largely native Old Massett and (new) Masset …the airport e.g. The basin shows tidal effects very strongly, hence bird life is in appearance even on a rainy day.


On a Sunday morning the ones about town seem all to cram into the Rainbow Cafe. And so do we.


Farther down Main St the important supplies provided by Coop and Home Hardware, but also communications in the old cop shop is there and more restaurants, some looking very closed, however. At the end the dock but no ferries to Massett, not for a long time.


The rainy day requires nontheless to drive on to Old Massett proper. The old poles are gone but some new ones do stand. One of the first was stood up at the hospital, others are in front of private dwellings and in competition with other spirited poles, some at carvers’ places.


When we returned to Tlell we learned that a storm will cancel Mondays planned Zodiac outing to Skedans. We may learn of alternatives this morning. So, we looked for other accommodation to bridge another possibly rainy night and camping becomes ever less likely.

The tide was in at Ballancing Rock and returning to Cäcilia’s B&B a deep glow was left by the sun somehow on a low hanging cloud.


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