A drive to Rennell Sound

Drive 5 minutes, sit onto some rocks which keep the shore from erroding and snap the first image, then upload …more to come!

Tlell Provincial Park Campsite offers no iNet connection,  but 5km south at Wiggins Rd there you can see  people sitting on the rocks grabbing a two-bar mobile signal 🙂


One has the campsite at this time of year almost to oneself. Hear the ravens or the Canada geese, the wrens, the tree frog, the squirrels. Not a sound tho’ from the spiders doing their webs.


Rennell Sound is on the west coast of Graham or North Island. It takes a drive on logging roads and a map is helpful. We headed north to Port Clements from Tlell, 20 km almost strait. In the vicinity of the Yakoun estuary there is a wildlife observation tower. A very breezy spot! We glimpsed some waterfowl but to photographically catch your prey one needs to install oneself with tripod at an appropriate hour.

If the approach is from the north, i.e. Port Clements then one drives past the trail to the Golden Spruce which, however, was felled by a disturbed mind – big story, years back and, yes, from roots of the felled tree one succeeded to grow sapplings.  I saw the tree back in 1988, so we did not need to visit a sad site and chose instead the trail to the unfinished canoe out in the forest.

It is a massive cedar log, partially shaped and certainly 45 ft or 15 m long.

The path leads thru regrowth with stumps and felled giants giving an idea of the forest before enjoying the treatment by industrial saws. Occasionally marks are left on stumps which date from very early falling days when spring boards were used and two fallers worked with an enorous hand saw. The logging on the Queen Charlotte’s was for a while very wasteful (pickily selective) leaving enormous heaps of wasted lumber. Eventually the Haida took a stand against governments and their backing money bags while devastating the forests. The Haida won a seat in the rooms where further logging is under discussion. At least that much.

Onward (one hour perhaps?) to Rennell Sound. The final descent (1 km?) claims the ramp to have a 25% grade. Maybe. The descent into the Bella Coola valley has a maximum of 19% and that’s about as steep as this one looks. Anyway, 4WD recommended in wet conditions.

The bay can be windy open to the NW as it is. Camping for the hardier any time but at a certain age a cozy evening would be nice. Well, light a fire! – Sure, bring some dry wood 🙂 So, ours was an afternoon’s visit and a stroll on the beach.

We used the setting 4 Lock more in order to test it than out of need. A plain front wheel drive could make it under reasonably dry circumstance. On the way back we stopped to take some pictures at a cut lot to illustrate the scene. Of course, it’s thanks to logging that there are roads like the one to Rennell Sound. Keep that in mind.

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