Sandspit & Morsby or the South Island

There are few roads on the South Island and there is no going farther south than Morsby Camp.  That is where the avid sea kayakers put in to see Gwaii Haanas National Marine Reserve. We did the round for driving visitors and headed south from Sandspit to Gray Bay. Slow go and pot holes galore. The campground offers covered picnic tables, a nice touch and confirming the suspicion that one might hit it rainy. However, we were quite lucky. The second Sunday is better than forecast.

Sandspit – the islands airport with a 90 min. connection to YVR and Schoolhouse Rd to gain Copper Bay Rd with them potholes.  Enjoy!!


Gray Bay invites the beach comber and on the small stream the birder will spot some pipers or plovers and gulls and ravens are around as a matter  of cours – eagles? Likely too.

And the odd bear will cross your path as well.

Then make it past the log sorting site and regain Alliford Bay to return to Skidegate Landing. Might be a huge log barge gets loaded …

…and you’re back just when the promised rain sets in.


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