Most likeable stay at Gracie’s Place Hotel

It has a mediterranean funk to it, we love it. And at 80 bucks a night simply ‘Best on Haida Gwaii’, we concluded. Wanna see it?

In a minute. We had to eat a bite, wanted to pack the field kitchen, tomorrow at 8 am we’re expected at the ferry after all. So, Chinese lunch/dinner, whatever, at J & T Restaurant on Whardf Street.


Wasn’t as rainy and gray as we thought from the weather report. But we were glad to be under a solid roof and then some. This is Gracie’s Place!

Yes, she also rents campers (adapted Ford Vans from yesteryear, 67 bucks per day and 18 cents per kilometer. It means, leave your car in Rupert, rent on the island for 3 to 4 days plus kms (enough to go to Massett and Tow Hill with stops in between). Not a bad deal! We’ll think of it next time. Thanks Gracie, Room #1 is Number One with us, ’twas great!

And special thanks to Haida Style Excusions! We couldn’t fully profit from alternatives and were only charged for the one outing I participated in!

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