Visiting the Nass Valley & the Nisga’a

Poor connection, thus just very briefly …worthwhile detour to the lava beds, formerly Canyon City, then down to the Portland Inlet, back up to formerly  New Ayansh – Nisga’a country, and then to Cranberry Jctn (with Hwy 37) via Wilderness Road (4 Bears, 3 rabits, 1 mouse) and to Gitksan villages. More tomorrow with pictures, claro!

Terrace to The Nass Valley

Before one gets out of the side valley whence the volanic flow spread (and dammed up two new lakes about 250 years ago) there’s Rosswood, ‘suburb’ of Terrace with a great General Store (in former army barracks moved from Terrace).

The Lava Beds offer many interesting views and features. At several spots one will find explanations, the most is offered at the Park’s Visitor Centrte …but it’s closed at this time of the year. From the intersection go left and about 80 km to the end of the road on Portland Inlet – or go right to New Ayansh and then onto ‘pot hole alley’ for a 40 km shake of vehicle and passengers 🙂

Lava Bed National Nisga’a Memorial Park (is that the entire name and correctly so?)

All the place names are now changed back to native Nishga’a and quite some mouths full to pronounce. Former Canyon City, now Gitwinksihlkw, used to be accessible by suspension bridge and on foot only. Well, you can drive now and go see totem poles.

Drive back to Hwy 113 and head on to the next village, formerly Greenville and now Laxgalts’ap …place of lizards where the Nishga’a Museum is located …open WED-SUN.

So, we had to miss it. Instead we drove on to former Kincolith, now Gingolx (x stands for kh). Quite a road, best compared to a cork screw and befor reaching Gingolx one passes along some cliffs near the estuary of a small side stream – it teams with eagles. Even a sea otter approached me (had some injury on his back where the tail attaches). Looked a bit lost and we wondered whether it’s a confused youngster and an eagle will collect it?!

The wildlife along the last stretch to former Kincolith, now Gingolx (‘Place of skulls’)


So, the little sea otter turned away and we did the last few kilometers to Gingolx.

Yet more images to be inserted from the Hazelton area. However, we have to hit the road again after lunch in Burns Lake at the excellent Boer Mountain Coffee House.

I’ll post the remainder when back in Kaslo. We will leave shortly from Williams Lake.

One thought on “Visiting the Nass Valley & the Nisga’a

  1. Very informative and professional, Signor Professor! Thanx, was a most enjoyable trip and thanx especially for being a very safe (fast, too) chauffeur. ooo your wifi


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