Winter visits

In January we got lots of snow and various places in the Alps were cut off and train routes and roads closed because of avalanche danger. In Febuary travel was possible and save again besides, the Swiss Plateau had only occasionally slippery roads, trains circulated freely.

The first visit was to Zurich and the Rietberg Museum to see the Nasca exhibit.

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 5.56.16 PM

The next day we travelled to Schaffhausen and the Allerheiligen Museum to take in the Etruscan show which had been extended to mid-February.

A stroll from the train station down toward the Rhine river leads inevitably thru the old town with its picturesque bay windows and many reflections, the big dial of the town church made for a particvularly attractive motive.

The Allerheiligen Museum is situated in the former All Saints monastery. Aside from changing exhibits there is an impressive collection of natural and cultural artefacts including the stunning Ebnöter Sammlung (antique ceramics, bronzes from the mediterranean and the Near East plus classical Americas and more).

An intreaguing item – that dish like bronze cup born by a miniature wagon and part of a funerary outfit.

Miniature bronce wagon as a funerary item

It’s an easy ride by train from or back to Zurich. At Eglisau the train corsses the Rhein river.

The small town from the train


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