More winter visits


Significant others happen to live in the French speaking parts of Switzerland, la Romandie. Family visits give also opportunities to look a bit more closely at the places where they live.

Lausanne, for instance, has a marvelous cathedral, a sample of Burgundian Gothic. Not as soaringly tall as the dome of Cologne, nor as bright and spacious as Notre Dame in Paris but of a singular coherence stylistically. There are concepts and elements  linking the building with Anglo-Norman cathedrals. Maybe the counts of Neuchâtel had not only one of theirs, Bishop Grandisson (Grandson line of the counts), serve in Exceter, but prior connections which worked also the other way round.

More than half of the long house and all of the transept was constructed in the span of 25 years. With little stylistic change the remaining parts of the western nave and entrance were built in the subsequent 20 years. By 1235 the building stood and largely as it stands before us these days.

Stained glass and carved stalls make it excel amongst Swiss cathedrals too.

Lausanne is a city built on a slope with a southern exposition above lake of Geneva or lac Léman and old parts of the city occupy several hills protruding from that slope. Nowadays severl large bridges link these distinct parts. Makes for at first a confusing walk but always entertaining, be it the paver stones squares, fountains, façades or shop windows. And to reach the lake one can hop on a métro or walk ontop or next to the line straight down to Ouchy.

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