Feldis and the hights above it

Those hights extend behind the Mutta da Veulden, the Feldis hill and offer extensive hikes at all times of year, snowshoe trails in winter as well as skitrails and down hill skiing to the village of Feldis or Veulden in Romansh, nowadays spoken by but few elder inhabitants.

To reach Feldis there is the very attractive version of a small cable car (14 pax) as well as a very winding road. The cable car cross the Rein posteriur and runs for 2.3 km, more than half steep and without a support pylon before reaching the other side of the narrow entrance into the Domleschg valley at Rhäzüns.

After crossing the village its a few 100 meters more to the base station of the chairlift that ends at the very top of the Mutta da Veulden. (Yes, there’s a shuttle too, but a 15 minute walk is all that’s needed.)

There are two restaurants/ski huts nearby and lots of undulating terrain with small hillocks and scattered stands of firs and krumholz. Views extend in all directions and I pile a lot of pictures into the blog from Saturday, February 24 as well as some from the village taken at an earlier occasion in February 2012.

Views taken about 1.5 km beyond the upper chairlift terminal and stitched together to a panorama from Piz Beverin (south, the dark pyramid) to the west with the Cadeina dil Signina (which seen from the other side is the sominant vista from Ruschein) and on to the NW and Ringelspitz, the highest peak at the right.


A snowshoe trail leads between to hillocks to a low spot beneath the Dreibündenstein mountains while the winter foot path rounds the hillocks and makes for a one to one and a half hour hike. A 5 or 15 minute hike connects two mountain inns and the chairlift terminal.

But instead of going to Feldiser Skihütte still well frequented for lunch, I head back to the chairlift and down to Feldis. There is Mira Tödi restaurant with a deck and a phantastic view plus strudel & cappuccino.

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