Spring has gone and summer brings travel

During spring we made it to the coast, once by car, once myself with the Greyhound and that latter leaves one with the impression of an endangered species. Less endangerd the blue herons in Chilliwack with their bald eagle watchman.

The eagle will snatch the odd heron chick but the eagle will also keep other predators at bay. Maybe save the racoons as they might try at night. So, the scene below is quite a usual one at Chilliwack’s Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve.

Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, Chilliwack
Chilliwack, Heron; pp PhtsDXOontensDT49

Going to the ‘old country’ come July. And it’s gonna be a long ride on some wings. Wings with some more carrying capacity than these beauties here offer near Woodbury Resort between Balfour and Kaslo.

We will leave early (to shake jet-lag) while the ‘youngons’ arrive mid-July in Schweiz. Then follow four weeks of visits and vistas, train rides galore, and by mid-August (for us late August) we’re all home again to enjoy the rest of the summer. And smoke free is what I have underlined on my wish list. So, drop by again, I try my best to report from this family visit with famiies abroad.

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