Before leaving YVR for GVA

We had a great stay in Kitsilano! Walked from W 15th all the way along Blenheim to the beach and onward to Granville Island. Took some panoramas with the phone.

And then the morning before heading to the airport we visited the Nitobe Garden on UBC grounds. A very soothing place and exceptionally quiet. It is located next to the Asian Studies centre, an attractive building surrounded by trees yet a bit taller than the building itself. It’s covered by a massive roof.

Nitobe garden is garded by a modest wall, lightly built, more house wall than some defensive structure. It separates the wild forest from the tended garden and its pathwork.

Thanks to the gracious hosts in Kits!

Then in the later afternoon of July 4 we took off for AMS (over night) and a day time continuation to GVA where Franziska came to fetch the travellers, weary as ususal. We settled right in at Claudio’s and it almost feels like our umtieth flat among the many places we have ‘settlment rights’. While in Geneva we took in a Ferdinand Hodler exhibit at Musée Rath. By Sunday, July 8, we made it to Ruschein.



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