Advance party in Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera

…and Svizra! To add Romansh.

We’re here, first Geneva, then Ruschein, and for more than a week by now. Thought to be sleeping in accordance with local time keeping customs …think again! Very hesitant adaptation. However, there are better things to tell.

The Foppa, the basin of Ilanz/Glion has some villages in the valley bottom on either side of the Rhine river or Rein Anteriur. And then there is this upper level circle of villages on terraces to the north, the south-east and the south-west. The southern group is divided by the Glenner/Glogn river from Lumnezia/Lugnez & Valser Tal/Val Sogn Peider which meats the Rhine at Ilanz/Glion.

At first a 3D Apple Maps image looking south:


Just a few steps out of the village in an eastward direction, i.e. as the Rhine flows here there are good views down river toward the ruinaulta gorge and Chur beyond, across the river with Ilanz/Glion and into the Val LUmnezia or (German) Lugnez, and finally also up river with the village and 3000m peaks on the north side of the valley of the Anterior Rhine.

Doing the rounds in the village there are several stately double houses, interlocking saw-log constructions from the mid-18th century. Often they bear decorative inscriptions in praise of patriotism, the land and the heavenly lord because the earthly ones were put in their places 500 and more years ago. Ruschein in the Surselva region belonged to the Grey League amongst the united Three Leagues (lasted into the days of Napoleon and a fundamental reordering of Europe).

A short walk which begins right near our place, Casa Martin, leads up to the Crest da Ruschein, a cliffy ridge with the village church of St. George at the eastern end right above parts of the village and a good view of most of Ruschein. Then on the highest point the remnants of a strong house of regional high aristocracy from the 13th century, the Lords of Frauenberg, Heinrich II, the last, a minstrel too, and politically siding with the wrong party in the fight for the imperial crown for Albrecht of Habsburg won, although he didn’t enjoy his rule for long before being murdered by relatives (a quarrel about inheritance).

Longer walks lead above the village and ultimately to hay meadows and alpine pasture. Of course, there are more enticing vistas in most every direction, the one up river into the Cadi toward the west offering great later afternoon and evening lighting which marks the entrances of many side valleys toward Disentis.

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