Landed and a bit out of step

When I left our mountain abode on Wednesday morning …


…the Edelweiss flyer was still aloft, perhaps somewhere between Iceland and the British Isles. But soon enough the landscape bneneath looked like …the Rhein river (check!) and what’s the other joining? (That is the Aare river flowing for instance thru Berne.)


We didn’t thiunk of arrival pictures. Thoughts were slow, the night had been – well, no need for another one like it. Lets take the train to Stäfa, have a bite to eat and then enjoy that lake! And the tomatoes from Sarina’s garden!! The long Wednesday was quite passable thanks to a great place to stay and the lake nearby.

Everybody loved Sarina’s place. So cool! A townhouse development ideal for kids!

The star here tho’ is Akin, Sarina and Diego’s boy with no problem to connect. Oh, that lake, lake of Zurich, …how about 24 C? And more of it to come.

Thursday tho’ was a visiting day. First down the lake toward Zurich to Meilen where on the Lotti Maag-Fiedler side we met her youngest brother, Peter, and his wife Ruth. Of course ‘younger’ meanwhile is definitely relative but they came across fresh and joyfully excited to see whom they haven’t seen for a long time or never before.

Later on we packed into Sarina’s car and headed over a low rise into the upper reaches of Zurich Canton, Rüti, where Sarina’s dad, Thomas lives. Her older siblings, Florence (who lives also on the lake of Zurich with husband Rolf) and Raphael with Tania (who live in Rüti) and three little ones to liven up the nicely shaded yard at Thomas and Marianne’s.

Friday and more lake of Zurich.

Toward the upper end at the narrows with a dam much used by train and cars linking communities on either side of the lake, there is the City of Roses, Rapperswil. A bustling place with trains from all directions, roadways and steamers of the lake boat service (and ridiculously cheap tickets too).

It was market in Rapperswil, a morning only market with all kinds of foods from the surroundings. We crossed it on our way up to the castle of Rapperswil and it’s park with linden trees, great views and a super-sized chess board.

Then a lunch on a park bench below in front of that boat rental place …stay tuned, I’ll add more tomorrow morning my time!

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