So, take one of the S-Trains, that’s how one gets around Zurich Canton quite speedily, no plugged up roads, no hot car, air conditioned and with views from the upper deck. To Rapperswil it’s a short trip, maybe 15 minutes. The savvy travellers have 1/2 price cards and kids accompanied by parent or grandparent travel free of charge.

So, we gain the old parts of Rapperswil in short order. The train station is at the lake close to the steamer quai (there are two 100 years plus steamers in service, the remainer diesel powered boats). The other lake side is linked with a dam and bridges for traintrack and road and the old pilgrims walkway is to the right of the modern development. Check out the Apple Maps screenshot.


We crossed the Friday market  (for early risers, closing at 11am) and then criss-crossed the old town below the castle. Deplorably, some nice and inviting windows had to be ignored. We then gained the hight of stronghold, and odd inset between old building with a roof like punch cards, onward to the town church St. John, the Baptist, the lady’s chappel the belfry and then to the park beyond balancing atop a narrow spur jutting out from the castle.

The a park has a long row of linden trees (and they suffer in the drought) and in the shade of one of them is a chessboard and a box nearby holds the fair sized pieces. Andrew, Sophia and Natalie had to have a game or two.

Around noon we went back down to get some lunch makings and shop Migros also for water wings to be on the save side. But for the later paddleboat outing the boat lender issued mandatory life jackets. The big hit is of course the type of paddle boat with a slide. Many a party with kids came to rent, to paddle, to plunge, to swim.

Meanwhile the water-shy tried other things but Akin who likes to get into the lake where there is a shallow access, he didn’t find the water sprayer his type of fun. Also never ask a photographer to go try it out …unless, of course he’s got equipment for underwater specialties. I also had the time to walk the breakwater to take some shots landward and lakeward on a summer’s day out of the storybook.

There are neartby facilities to quickly change back into street closthing and get ready to board the boat back to Stäfa …it’s about a 1/2 hour sail. We noted how the mates love to toss the rope to tie up and they are skilled – see below.

Back in Stäfa then it was also back to the children’s paradise at Sarina’s and later a big grilleroo got underway untill can’t eat no more.

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