From Stäfa to Ruschein.

The railroads go as follows: from Stäfa to Rapperswil by S(uburban) 7, from Rapperswil by S25 to Pfäffikon SZ (there are two places by that name, one in Zurich Canton, ZH, on SZ. i.e. Schwyz Canton), then by regional express to Chur, there from mainline gauge to narrow gauge (1m) of the Rhetian Railway or RhB/VR (Viafier Retica; Romansh) / FR (Ferrovia Retica; Italian) – yep, largest Swiss Canton (independent country into Napoleonic times) is tri-lingual, a Swiss-German dialect, quite distinct from e.g. Zurich or Berne dialects, Romansh (in five groups of varieties) and Italian on the Alpine south slope.

Ok, got that (why do things have to be that complicates in such a small country …1.5 times Vancouver Island, say?). Once we made it from Chur to Ilanz/Glion (officially German/Romansh double name) we changed to one of the fabled Postauto buses to climb up to Ruschein (450m above the valley floor with Ilanz/Glion). Occasionally the driver will sound that special horn! Not on that occasion en route to Ruschein but the next day high above the Rhine gorge, from across the Valley tee-taa-toh. Nice ring for your cellphone, folks! However, you might get addressed in Swiss-German …ooops! Better yet, in Romansh! Then what?!


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