Visiting “Il Spir”, The Swift

A daring construction, a viewing platform reaching out over the abyss, steel framed and tied back with cables some flights of steps lead up and out over the deep to give a view like a circling swift would have it. To reach that place above the Rhine Gorge at Versam-Safien station of RhB (or Varsomi-Stussavgia …try it: farsommee-shtoosavgia) we take a couple 2 or3 Postauto to Flims-Waldhaus. From there a pleasant trail through the forsest over the huge landslide leads to the edge at Conn (and there is a restaurant). One is walking on slide deposits between 300 and 600 meter high, the deposit of the largest post-glacial landslide of the Alps, the Flims mountain slide.

Some 300 to 400 million cubic feet of rock spread out over about 40 square kilometers came rumbling down some 9500 years ago and filled the valley of the Rhine which was then about a mile wide. Of course the warters got dammed up and for a few hundred years there was a lake above Ilanz with same name. But waters trickled and rushe out, the lake got lowered and after one to two thousand years all had run out and the Rhine was busily erroding its bed lower back to the former bed. It has not yet reached that level!

The rubble has a very uneven surface and this is how a large forest grew and remained to this day: il Ual Grond. And to this day the geography is devided in one above the forest, Surselva, and things below Flims and its large forest, Sutselva.

While the train headed down valley to Chur, we headed back to Flims-Waldhaus. Some of us were burdened the color left the weighted down person …while the guys took pictures. Ratty papparazzi! Next pixies ®ANLS (artist name).

Then again a few Postauto to Ilanz and finally the one up to Ruschein. Dinner almost made itself. We had Raclette and fried some Bratwurst and lamb. With a view! Me especially for that choicolate cake site :-d

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