Casa Martin where we will stay on and off …formerly our home, now Philipp’s.

Ruschein seen from across the Rhine valley, from east of the village with the wooded hillock, il crest da Ruschein, with Sogn Gieri church at the front and Frauenberg castle (ruine) on the top.

Further landmarks …the village store, a coars concret insertion into a baroque noble house, and one of several fountains much appreciated in the summer heat.

There’s a first and a second stay in Ruschein and we go for a walk thru the village including the playground near the school.

The joys for kids in the village …playground near school, north side of Crest da Ruschein, another one on the south slope, then the fountains, particularly the one next to Casa Martin in front of Nossadunna (‘our Lady’).

The village church is St. George, below near Casa Martin is the Lady’s chappel (burrial chappel too) and at the back of Sogn Antoni lanes is the small, baroque St. Antony (Padova) chappel. S. Gieri has a 7th/8th Cent. precursor church beneath the current church. The lower part of the belfry is romanesque 11th/12th Cent., the aps is gothic, the main hall rebuilt around 1900. Inside the church is a charming knight in shining armour defeating the evil dragon. Dates from the 15th century.

There’s going to be more on Ruschein when we return.

Wednesday we made it into the Emmental area, yes, The Swiss Cheese. Thursday was our outing to the Ballenberg Swiss open air museum with historical buildings from all Cantons and exhibits or activities within (think Calgary heritage park, Ft. Steel, Barkerville and the like). Today is a day of rest, catch up on the blog, sit inside while it warms up outside but before I withdrew inside I checked on the views from our Emmental area B&B and the names of all the grand peaks of the Bernese Alps.

Glad for the Peak Finder app 🙂

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