Melide (.ch) & Como (.it)

Melide must mean hop into the water, be it the lake (too warm) or the pool (a little less warm than the lake). Alternatively …Melide = Pizza. And some of us just find it between quaint and heavenly. But you must gain it! Stairway to heaven counts scores of steps.

So, these are the steps that lead down to the lake in case you want more than the pool.

So, that pool …fewer steps and most readily available early to late.

And you’ll be descending all of them and then some to reach the Pizzeria Giardino. After some careful manoeuvering Regula got the bopx with the uneaten pizze all the way up to #34 on the Cime (tops).

And, yess, we descended them yet again when we went yesterday, July 30, and 34 degrees above freezing, to visit Como, one lake over as it were. We arrived before lunch time and looked for a suitable store to obtain some savoury provisions. Some had to wait and seem bored, perhaps clearly so, one might just say.

After lunch we headed to the Duomo. The current church was started in the late 14th century, replacing an earlier romanesque church which stood next to the civic centre, the Broletto, and part of this had to be layed down to make room for the grand duomo. The interior was (re-)finished in a late baroque/rococo style, and as richly ornamented as befit the time.

Como is also home town to Alessandro Volta without whose experiments we might still light a candle rather than turn on 220 Volt here or 110 Volt over there and enjoy some elctric lighting. He has a large monument on ‘his’ piazza and a commemorative slab in the duomo. We liked the pavimento and the rosetta.

Eventually we wandered on in medieval and some Roman parts (the more or less perpendicular street layout of the old town goes all the way back to Roman Novum Comum), peeked into shaded cortili and found back to the train station.

Obtaining tickets is either next to impossible (with an automaton offering most convoluted services …abort) or requiring patience and queuing. So, we let the train go, mustered patience, obtained tickets across the border into Chiasso and then got train tickets in a jiffy to make it from Chiasso back to Melide.

Of course, we did stop for gelato. Picture not available, all licked.

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