August 02: Melide-Losanna

Well, yes, it’s Lausanne, normally, but as we are in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, so let’s use the Italian form for Lausanne. We will travel via Locarno and the Centovalli into the Italian Valle d’Ossola and on thru the Simplon Tunnel (20km)  into Vallais/Wallis Canton. The Canucks travel all the way to Lausanne and Fabrice & Kaia with Wilminka and Kornelia. The senior segment of the group will head up to Gryon where Regula’s daughter Franziska has her mountain home.

Reporting then will be by correspondence until ABSN arrive in Gryon too. However, inbetween, on Saturday August 4, there’s gonna be a big gathering of all the Maag offsprings of my siblings and myself in Solothurn at the foot of the Jura Mountains.

Yesterday here in Melide it was 32 C again but there was relieve coming our way in the evening. It cooled down rapidly to 25 C. Quite a show of thunder and lighting followed by more thunder and artificial fireworks to celebrate the National Holiday.

Stay tuned for reporting on yesterday’s outing to Morcote and the evening shows. Plus some on the journey from Melide to Lausanne and Gryon respectively.

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