eMail from Lausanne

So, Friday morning the Canadians with Swiss-Polish reinforcements explored the old town of Lausanne. Lausanne’s origin is on a couple hillocks on a long slope toward Ouchy on  Lake of Geneva. To link the lake shore and the hights above Lausanne there’s Le Métro running very frequently and always well used.

One of those rises have way up from the lake is taken up by the cathedral which was built in about 100 years and kept throughout in the style of Burgundian Gothic. Building began 1170 and in the year 1275 the church was consecrated in the presence of pope Gregor X and king Rudolf of Habsburg.

Moving around old Lausanne means up one hill to go down only to scale another one. Maybe the Lausannois are thus especially healthy, if not outrightly sportive, hence they truly deserve the Olympic Museum. When Fabrice was off work they all went to visit that locale and Brenna writes:

What a treat to visit the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Adults were enchanted with the ancient artifacts illustrating the earliest Olympiads and all Canucks delighted to see many Canadian examples throughout. Sophia and Andrew were the most interested (being dedicated Olympic fans) but everyone found something they liked. We had to take many versions of podium photos to have each cousin in one winning the gold! Sophia is pictured carefully examining a daily schedule for athletes that includes many hours of visualization or mental focus. Natalie best enjoyed the hands on activities we eventually found on the bottom floor but was earlier noted asking about joining a track and field program. Some great sculptures outside the museum too, and as ever the fountain was a main attraction.

Today we’re all off to Solothurn situated almost midway on the Swiss Plateaubetween Lake of Geneva or Le Léman in the SW and Lake of Constance or Bodensee in the NE and at the foot of the Jura mountain chain.

Once again a map to help with orientation. Try to experience an outstanding mapping service entirely free of charge for the basic information – best maps in the world and I’m not exagerating Swiss provenience not withstanding. Enter or ‘Stäfa’ or ‘Ruschein’ or Melide’ or ‘Lausanne’ or ‘Gryon’, get 3D views – whatever. There’s also a help page in case you want to get really lost but not lost.


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