Trains to Lausanne and/or Gryon, AUG 02

On August 2nd we had to part with Melide. We headed to the Train station and counted: 1st one past Lugano to Giubiaso, 2nd one from Giubiasco to Locarno, the a 3rd and funnily named meter gauge Centovalli Express to Domododossola, for the ones Lausanne bound a fourth and final one but for Regula and me a fifth one from Brig to Bex and then a narrow gauge cogwheel line up to Gryon. Train fun for train fans and I am and remain one.

So, from Brig ABSN zoomed onward to Lausanne and we waited for a slower one with more stops to get to Bex about an hour down the Vallais. In Bex the friendly driver of the Bex-Gryon local waited for the somewhat delayed main line train and we crawled up the slope, were met by Franziska and happily called it a day.

Meanwhile in Lausanne the Canadians were already visiting – the Olympic Museum is nearby and Vancouver is engraved there for ever! (Check out the step Natalie is sitting on.)

There’s gonna be more from Lausanne …by correspondence for the blogger is in Gryon.

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