Hot days in Lausanne & off into the hills

The heat lasts and everyday the large cities mark temperatures around or above 30 degrees. Playing at Wiwi & Kornelia’s was fine, but a beach was even better.


Cooling off is important and from yesterday I have a special report from a playground and openair market with a trio of visitors.

And then from on, in and under the water. Nope, we didn’t board the batyscaphe once tested here for Piccard, we depended on a avid picture taker, daughter of an other avid picture taker. Only Kornelia looks a bit abandoned while that underwater capable camera had to be tested. Contest: Name the person wearing blue goggles.

Later on this afternoon the ABSN-four will board the train headed east along Lake of Geneva past Vevey (just for yous guys a bit older, that’s the HQ of Nestlé) and Montreux (yes, of the renowned Jazz Festival) and on into the upper valley of the Rhône, past Aigle (fine wines) to Bex (famous salt mines). And then onto that cog wheel special crawling up hill with inclines of 20% or better.

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