Finally, that big family meet in Solothurn

Took a while to get most – but still not all – pictures from various cameramen. There was an effort to get a group picture and itz was as easy as hearding cats. Well, at least one group could be persuaded …

Best effort!


The place we gathered, Restaurant Kreuzern, was reconoitred by my sister and well chosen it was. Shaded outdoors, good food, nice drinks and casata. Icecream is simply a must in this hot summer.

Sooner, and likely rather later, I will add names. Brenna is chatting with cousin Etienne (Dorothée’s eleder son) and some kids will be readily recognized too.

I took the bus back to Solothurn, a stop very close to the restaurantz and it near a hermit’s place of long ago but repeatedly occupied again. I whiled away 1/2 an hour in picturesque Solothurn/Soleur before train departure for Gryon while some of us had their own wheels. This is Thomas’ summer road show! And mine is rather sedentary with a high degree of moisture 🙂

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