Time to show you around the village of Gryon

However, the photos are from mid-April 2017 when Regula and I visited Franziska. It’s spring and on the hights there is some snow left which by now is reduced to shady ruts or very high levels above 3000m.

Gryon sports some chalets from the 17th century and the village’s precious places are presented on small plaques giving a bit of history. There are many fountains in Gryon and this was into the 20th century where fresh water was obtained for all – no water lines into homes before 1920 or there abouts. This would also hold true for Ruschein and when water pipes reached into kitchens …cold only!

Before we leave this morning with the 11:22 train to get to Ruschein 6 1/2 hours later travelling all in the Alps (up the Rhone, thru Urseren and into the Rhine drainage), I hope to get to take a few more pictures visitors included! In the above series the last two show the approach to Beau Séjour, long time ago a hotel, now appartments.

The inner-alpine journey which takes us a good six hours to carry out, can be had via SBB-CFF-FFS time table as a map. It includes the 20 km Furka tunnel and crossing the 2000m+ Oberalp Pass.

RailMap2 Gryon-Ruschein


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