5 trains from Gryon to Ruschein. And then Postauto.


So, we went once more on a little stroll thru Gryon and then headed up to the train station. First train the Bex-Gryon-Villars run down into the valley of the Rhône, grinding our way on that toothed rack steeply down, 23o‰ to render it the way the railway did. Then on an SBB-CFF-FFS Regio Express to Brig and a very kind conductor who helped us get the ticket we needed but could not obtain in Gryon (only local tickets) nor Bex (closed for lunch hour …).

In Brig we changed onto the Matterhorn Gotthatd Bahn, another narrow gauge line and part of the Glacier Express route to Andermatt. There we had to change train but remained with the MGB company to Disentis where we boarded an RhB narrow gauge train to Ilanz/Glion. The last bit we needed the Postauto and you’ll find all about that when we used it in the early days of the ABSN Switzerland trip.

There were two cameras documenting this 6+ hour journey, here’s Andrew’s take! The pedestrian suspension bridge is in Vallais’s upermost area Goms. And the tunnel pictures are when straight and boring or when curving and convoluted, Natalie gives you an idea of circumstances.

Next mine, and I had my camera back while the iPhone 6 had changed hands.

The majority of the photos above are from the spectacular ascent from Andermatt (around 1400m) up to Oberalp Pass (around 2000m). And, yess! There is a light house at the upper end of the Rhine river at Oberalp summit just to make it clear that a small brook can become a navigable riverine conduite of great importance to NW Europe. Oberalp Pass is also the cantonal boundry between Uri and Grisons. The change from Vallais to Uri happend somewhere deep inside Furka tunnel between Oberwald and Rehalp.


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