Lag Davos Munts

The little lake behind the hills in Val Lumnezia across from Ruschein is a charming place to go swimming and more outdoors fun. The deeper waters around 20 C refresh the swimmers, the shallower waters are for the kids to folic. And then there’s a great beach volley ball patch, sandy and warm.

One thought on “Lag Davos Munts

  1. Hi Reinhard. Thanks so much for the wonderful pics and commentary. Have enjoyed it all so much. Lovely to see photos of the family and also Fransiska. We just got back from Chilliwack Lake where it was considerably cooler than here – 42 degrees in Mission yesterday! We came down into smoke but as yet don’t know the source. Chilliwack Lake has no cell phone reception!! Ideal for getting away from it all. Hi and love to all … Susan


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