Ilanz / Glion

Four years ago Ruschein and a dozen other communities amalgamated to a larger communal region of Ilanz/Glion, officially bilingual, German and Sursilvan (Romansh). On Saturdays there’s a street market and Regula accompanied the Canadians to the event. However …they forgot to take pictures and the official photographer was not along but resting.

No problem tho’, I just visited down there and took some pictures in the town with medieval, baroque and contemporary buildings proudly calling itself emprem marcau spel Rein, the first city upon the Rhine. It is small to be sure, three lanes or narrow streets running east-west and three running north-south. Two of the four gates are still there, and so we go for a brief visit.

In the one picture above showing the inner town with a garden you can see high above the village of Ruschein. And the photos below here show Ilanz/Glion from a hay meadow a bit below the village and farther up from the view point at the village church. The first overview includes Pez Mundaun, the last one shows the Cadeina dil Signina – the Signina chain with the split peak, Pez Fess (compare ‘Fess’ with ‘fissured’ …there you go, same roots in Latin).

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