Chur & Brambrüesch

Well, don’t even try to pronounce thes place names 🙂

Chur starts out with the rough and grating version of a Scottish …gh in English at times rendered as kh… in particular when it’s derived from German or from Russian, so: Khoor. – Good! Now lets try Brambrüesch …brahmbriash. Well, you’re not bad (thanks to my clever transliteration, I dare add).

Ok, so we start the day on the deck up in Ruschein, then take a Postauto down to Ilanz/Glion, a train along the Rhine to Chur (which is in Romansh Cuera, in Italian Coira, in French Coire, in the old Gothic of the Ostrogothic chieftain Theodericopolis [didn’t last, obviously] and Curia in Latin). I was born there, I must know and I do know and whether it’s Chur, Schaan in Liechtenstein or Bregenz in Austria which was renamed by that Ostrogoth is up to debate but in my opinion, and Curia being the capital city of the Roman province Rhaetia, …well, it’s gotta be Chur (‘member? Khoor!) but it’s not thusly in my passport, it’s plain Chur. – Let’s have a look then.

Coming and going we used the Obertor which gives onto a bridge which crosses the Plessur river coming from Schanfigg valley, and we will see down into once we will have been whisked up the slope to Brambrüesch (…brahmbriesh, righ?!). So let’s see that part of the outing, cable car and smaller gondolas, to get high above Chur (you can say it by now without ‘training wheels’!) and the Rhine valley.

The big gondolas take 45 people, the small ones just four. At first there are good views of Chur and the Rhinetal (…tal, well, like ‘dale’, eh? The large varieties). Higher up the views give to the east into the Schanfigg and beyond and south into the valley along the Julier Pass route (cars) to Lenzerheide (and onward to Savognin and St. Moritz). The last photo shows a mountain on the watershed between Rhine and Inn/Danube. As a sample of a quiet village in Schanfigg I grabbed a tele-shot of Lüen …errr, Luw-an or some such?! Nice church there with paintings of a famous master but not known by his proper name (unknown), rather he is known by his chief work in Waltensburg. (I’ll add some even tho’ this year’s visit didn’t get us to these places.)

After the obligatory gelati and coffees we headed down again, the blue windows of the large gondola once again made photography difficult but afterwards in Rhätische Bahn we had the windows wide open and got pictures without any tint other than heat.

After escalating down into the Chur main station and up and onto the train toward Ilanz/Glion a last photo of Andrew counting 41 years and 364 days. – Go figure!!

Train ride proceeded nicely thru the gorge of the Anterior Rhine aka Ruinaulta, we curved around that high water mark above which in medieval times a stronghold kept an eye on river traffic, we made it thru Versam-Safien in the middleof the gorge with the bizar rock formations eroded out of the debris of that gigantic mountain slide (see above and it’s just about 10k years since), and then back into the Foppa, the basin of Ilanz/Glion and high above it Ruschein, right there at the little bump in the slope. Toward the west and up valley the mountains of Bündner Oberland or Surselva.

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