Visiting the Litzi

That means returning to the olden days, and long ago, but some are still there! Old friends, Jacqueline & Hugo, who kept in contact and gratiously invited us, and new friends, Beatrice and Patrick with Joël, who generously offered the upstairs in the Litzi house to accommodated Brenna and family. This upstairs is the very place where little Brenna spend summers with dad so far away.

First we look at the house which once was Regula’s and the top floor of which became the current guest quarters. We will look around into the garden and meet the current owners who like the friendly, century old place as much as we did.

There happened a few changes as the house regularly experienced over the centuries. Also the garden received a touch fitting the new owners and what used to be a drab garage was reoriented to the garden and became another girl’s very own.

Then let’s visit Jacqueline & Hugo’s place where some of us were made comfortable, and all of us were lavishly fed. And! Where the old barn in front, inside and behind it became an instant play paradise for some and an area of dolce far niente for others doing nothing but savour the pleasant quiet and close views.

For the kids things got topped off with an inflatable pool and to see good use of all the fun places Brenna’s cousin Florence with her kids, Leon and Diana, dropped by also for another good-by for this became the good-by place before heading to the airport.

In the evening we invited the whole crew, old and new neighbours to the Litzi Restaurant which excells in serving ‘half a frier in a basket’. It’s just a few steps down from our places of stay.

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